Trying to set up Team City for first time with IntelliJ Web App but failing because of Tomcat

Hi all,

I'm trying to get a very basic set up running to prove a concept.

I have a very basic java web app created in IntelliJ that runs on tomcat 6

the structure is

trunk [test]


External Libraries
--jdk1.6.0_13 (including a reference to servlet-api.jar in a local tomcat folder)

This is all checked in to a basic subversion repository

When I run it through intellij it works fine and when I run the basic unit tests they run fine with Junit in intellij

however, in my set up of team city (which may not be right!) when I try and build it says

java.lang.IllegalStateException: basedir does not exist.

I really have no idea what is causing this to break, any ideas or help?

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For those who have googled here with the same problem:

in "Build Parameters" set this system property     path to 'lib' directory of your desired version of tomcat

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