Jetbrains JetService failure to install Win 8 user account

Hi there

When I attempt to install TeamCity, after installing the software itself, it asks me to enter my domain, username and password, so that it can install the TeamCity Server Service. After inputting the correct details, I receive the error message that 'The username or password is incorrect. (1326)'. I have tried both the username associated with the account (the one my Users/*name* folder is named after), and the email address I use to login on boot, and neither work. This user account is my default, and has administrator privilege over the system.

The log file produced from this failure is:

[2013-04-24 12:54:28,261] FileTaskSettings                  [Info] Parsing service settings
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,261] FileTaskSettings                  [Info] Program to execute:   C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,261] FileTaskSettings                  [Info] Program arguments:    /c teamcity-server.bat run service
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,261] FileTaskSettings                  [Info] Program work dir:     c:\TeamCity\bin
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,261] FileTaskSettings                  [Info] Program stop timeout: 900000
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,262] CreateServiceSettingsAction       [Info] Service log file is set to: c:\TeamCity\logs\teamcity-winservice.log
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,262] CreateServiceSettingsAction       [Info] Installing service under *User* (domain=*DOMAIN*) account
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,265] LogonUserCommand                 [Error] Failed to Logon user *DOMAIN*\*Name*. The username or password is incorrect. (1326)
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,281] LSAGrantPrivilegeCommand          [Info] User *DOMAIN*\*Name* was given 'Logon as Service' privilege
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,282] LogonUserCommand                 [Error] Failed to Logon user*DOMAIN*\*Name*. The username or password is incorrect. (1326)
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,282] CheckAndGrantLogOnAsServiceComma  [Info] Failed to give user enough rights to run as server
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,282] CreateServiceCheckAccountAction   [Info] Failed to give user enough rights to run as server
[2013-04-24 12:54:28,283] CreateServiceCheckAccountAction   [Info] Give user enough rights or add '/giveUserRights=false' commandline argument

I changed the actual username and domain in the logfile for anonymities sake.

The error message states I am attempting to install JetBrains JetService v1.0.540.44, and the version of TeamCity I am attempting to install is 7.1.5.

How do I get this to work?


Edit: it is worth noting that my computer is not a part of domain, and the teamcity installer autofills the Domain textbox with the name of the PC

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I found my solution:

After installing as a SYSTEM account, then modifying the services from services.msc, I was able to successfully run what I needed to run through TeamCity.


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