How to Force the NUnit launcher and Process Launcher to use the .Net 2.0 version of JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe?


When you use the NUnit or the .Net Process Runner in Team City, the Team City agent always runs "dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe".

Is there anyway to change this so that it uses "dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher2.0.exe"?

The reason I ask is that JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe is compiled for .Net 1.1.  Unfortunately, in our environment, it is not possible to run .Net 1.1 applications.  I'm aware that the exe.config for JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe contains the needed "supported framework" entries so that it should run on other runtimes if .net 1.1 is not installed however this does not work here.

I've tried adding "system.teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher" and "env.teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher" configuration parameters to the file however these do not seem to affect the version of the NUnitLauncher that the agent intrinsically uses when you create a NUnit or .Net Process Runner build step.

Any help or advice appreciated.


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