how to temporarily disable a resource in the Shared Resources plugin

I've started looking at the Shared Resources plugin that we installed in TC 7.1.5.  I'm really excited by the possiblities it opens up for our managing deployments to our test environments.  But I was wondering if there was (or is going to be) a way to temporarily disable a given resource entirely?

Use case:  a given resource is known to be unavailable (e.g., a test environment is currently being used for manual testing; or perhaps the environment has gone offline for maintenance).  We'd like to be able to hit a button to "pause" the use of that resource, and then come back later and "unpause" it.

I tried simple things like reducing the quota to "0", but that doesn't seem to stop write locks from being obtained.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Alex, thank you for suggestion, looks like useful idea. Most likely we won't be able to add pause state now, as we approaching to version 8.0, but we could think about a workaround.


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