[Updating sources] VCS Root: Getting the old revision files and this is not reproducible in all build configurations in teamcity


We are using TeamCity Server of 7.1.3 version, configured for agent side checkout in the VCS Settings, Subversion as VCS and VCS Trigger as part of Build Trigger.

FYI - There are about 52 projects and 28338 build configurations configured in TeamCity.

Here the problem is that when an external commit happens to the module, sometimes the builds are added to the queue but the changes that are committed to SVN are not picked up by the Team City (Build is triggered with old revision and not with latest committed revision). Even the logs doesn't have any track on the files committed. Even if we trigger "Run" from the UI, the Teamcity build is happening with old revision. If we do a dummy commit (small space change) on file from the same module, then the changes are collected and build is triggered with latest revision.

This issue is happening frequently and we are facing production issues due to this, as the latest committed changes are missing in the binary repository. As we don't have any control on "collecting changes" from the SVN to the TeamCity, please let us know how can we ensure to have a clean build with latest changes everytime.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajesh N

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