Branch build to trigger test/deploy on specific server

Hi All,

I like to use the branches specification to have builds triggered by commits in different branches, but in my environment each branch (at least the main ones) is associated with it's own dedicated application server instance.

For ex. change in 'develop' branch should trigger tests and deployment (if everything is ok) to the 'develop' server, so this server always has the recent development changes. Change in 'release' branch tests and deploys on 'release' server and build triggered by change in 'master' should use production server for tests and deployment.

Currently, all the properties (server, port, user and password) used by Maven to connect, run remote tests and finally deploy artefacts are configured in the Maven parrent pom itself. This is bad because acccidentally, this pom can be merged from 'master' to 'devel' branch and the triggered devel buld will deploy on production server...

Is there any way to specify (and make it usable by Maven) some set of properties that are relevant for spoecific branch? Or may be there is another way to achive the same thing?


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