Contract Gig? Implement TeamCity for MarkedUp

Hey JetBrains Community,
Don't you love TeamCity? We do too, but we don't have the bandwidth on our engineering team this month to set it up. Would you be open to helping us with this?
We looking to implement TeamCity on EC2, and use Git to deploy our ASP.NET MVC application onto IIS. This should be a short-term contract and we can talk about a timeframe once we connect.
Our company, MarkedUp, is based on Santa Monica and we're providing analytics for native apps. We're a partially remote-based team; most of us are in Los Angeles but we're open to quality help from anywhere, provided your communication is solid. We can pay market rate, but we're still a cost-conscious startup.
If you're available to help, send me a note and let's connect. I'm at Thomas at MarkedUp dot comm.

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