Assigning dynamic build number to an artifact


I'm attempting to assign a build number pattern to an artifact generated by a particular build, but I can't get it to work.

As part of my build script, I have a command issuing a service message that publishes a version number fragment to the build's build number property, thus:

##teamcity[buildNumber '$some_version_number.{build.number}']

This seems to work, as the build number of the build (when it's finished running), is as expected. (say the $some_version_number was 1.2.3 and the build counter was 45, then I get as the final build number).

However, i'm attempting to assign the generated build number to an artifact, thus:

app\* => demo.%build.number%.zip

and this does not work as expected. The artifact is generated, but has a name of (using the numbers form above) "demo.45.zip" - ie, the original build number of the build.

What should I do?




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