Can't access status icon for latest build

Accessing the status icon for a specific build works fine: (works!) (works!)

But I want to get the status via the buildtype so that it's the latest build. I can access my build configuration at so I take bt2 to be the build type id. (returns a "not found" icon) (returns a "not found" icon)

If I remove /statusIcon from either of those URLs I get this message:

Error has occurred during request processing (Not Found).
Error: No build found by filter: Builds filter (buildType:Kenya EMR :: Maven Module Build {id=bt2}, running:false, count:1).
Could not find the entity requested. Check the reference is correct and the user has permissions to access the entity.

I've checked the documentation at and both guest logins are enabled and the status widget is enabled for this build type. I am also able to access the build type XML ok via this URL (works!)

Am using TeamCity Professional 7.1.5 (build 24400)

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Added a new project and build configuration (bt3) and now I can acess status icons for both bt2 and bt3. So problem solved but still seems like something wasn't working right


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