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In "My Settings & Tools" there is the "Notification Rules" tab.
There we can see several sub-tabs, e.g. IDE notifier (0/1), Jabber notifier (0/1) etc.
Could someone please explain what the numbers in the parenthesis mean? It seems that the number "1" does not represent the maximum...

Documentation does not explain this I think: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD7/Subscribing+to+Notifications

Attached printscreen.


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Hello there!

Indeed, my intuition would be that whenever I encounter a display looking like (N/M), N is a Number and M is the Maximum value for that number.

The thing is, in my case I have Email notifier (2/3) | IDE notifier (2/1) | Jabber notifier (0/1) | Windows Tray Notifier (0/1)
(Attached is a screenshot)

The tab IDE notifier (2/1) is the most surprising: if there was a maximum of 1 IDE notifier rule, I should not be able to create 2 of such rules.
What behaviour is to be expected in this case?
Also: where do these number come from? How to change them?

Thanks for your help!
Julien L.


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