TeamCity 7.1.1 / XCode 4.5.1 problem with scheme detection

Am not having much joy with TeamCity 7.1.1 and XCode 4.5.1.

The first question is, how can TC possibly parse an XCode scheme before it's been checked out of VCS? This chicken-and-egg problem occurs when creating a build configuration, which depends on the project being present in order to detect schemes, for example.

To work around this I've cloned the project outside of TC (via command line) to the checkout directory. However, this obviously can't be the correct solution, so my guess is that I have not understood something.

Secondly, I most definitely have shared the relevant project schemes AND checked these into source control. I know this because I see the schemes in the filesystem where the project has been checked out.

However, when creating a build configuration, TC seems to find and successfully parse the project file, but it does not detect said schemes. Like I said they are definitiely present in the file system. This therefore prevents me from saving the build configuration.

Finally, nothing seems to work when I use the default checkout directory and path to project/workspace. In both cases, I can only get somewhere when I specify an absolute path. Again... probably user error, but I don't see what I'm doing wrong.

So in other words, I'm not getting anywhere.

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This seems like a valid question to me. I wonder why it hasn't been answered.

I create a new project with an xcode build step, pointing to a project with a shared scheme, but teamcity cannot detect the scheme because it hasn't done the first checkout yet.

Are we missing something?

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  1. Agreed with Mike first question.
  2. Similar issue related to Perforce VCS TW-25185 reported as fixed,but apparently for me this issue was not resolved also. I've encounter the same issue with ValutVCS plug-in.

     It might be related to a specific VCS plugin, since (as reported in the Perforce issue) in Git VCS it worked fine.

    1. I’m using TC: 7.1.5(build 24400)
    2. Server log warning: “ Failed to load schemes: jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsException: Cannot listfiles”

Any thoughts ?

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Mike, Ted, Dror,

To check/reparse xCode project TeamCity server needs to access project file in version control.
Currently TeamCity Vault plugin doesn't support required operation.
Please vote and follow


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