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There's been a lot of buzz recently in the .NET world about CI servers and TeamCity keeps popping up in discussions as a great solution. Having been a happy CruiseControl.NET user, I decided to investigate and I was pleasantly suprised with TeamCity and all the functionality it provides. However, currently there seems to be quite a few essential features missing from TC in the .NET space. Features in my mind which are essential to any CI server. I've seen some work arounds on blogs to integrate code coverage for NCover and also FxCop and I have also noticed that TC 4 will contain FxCop integration out of the box. This is good to know. However one essential feature that I am still missing and see no mention about or any detail about possible workarounds is the ability to checkout and checkin to Team Foundation Server Source control and also to Label as part of the build.

Before we commit to using TC I would like to know what the current state of affairs is for this functionality. Is this within the TC 4 time frame? If not, are there any possible manual workarounds to get this working using a mechanism like MSBuild scripts?


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TFS support is already available in TeamCity. It allows to obtain sources from the TFS server, so at least there is no problem with checkout. As for check-in, since TFS requires proper working folder on the agent I guess we need to implement checkout on agent mode for TFS plugin. There is a request for such feature in our tracker: http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issue/TW-2121, please watch/vote for it.

As for labeling in TFS there is separate feature request: http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issue/TW-5122

Pavel Sher

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Thanks for the reply. I hope we get enough votes for this to be addressed soon :)

For now I was able to get around the problem by implementing a custom MSBuild task that creates a workspace and gets the source into the workspace as part of the build. The build thus runs in the context of this workspace and is able to commit the changes back into the TFS repo and label the TFS repo with the build number.

From my tests so far this seems to working fine, but I would rather have the support out of the box.

Thanks for a great product.

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Running a Proof of Concept evaluation, need to get it working. Have the same issue, we want dll checkout/checkin to happen automatically for each successful build of the base framework. Any suggestions as to how to go about it? Need to copy all not test flls from the base solution build results into Libs folders of other solutions (push model) or let the other builds pull the dlls from an artifact path for the framework solution as part ofg their build, check out/check in TFS the libs prior to build - pull model. Pull would actually be better, but no idea how to go about it.


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