Unmet requirements DotNetFramework4.5_x86 exists

I've installed TeamCity on two different machines (a prototype and dev server), I have it connected to TFS just fine, but when I try and use the Visual Studio runner, with 2012, it keeps saying:

Unmet requirements:

DotNetFramework4.5_x86 exists

Which is odd, because both the 4.5 is installed on both machines. The first is a Windows 2008 R2 server, which also has TFS installed on there, the second is my developer Windows 8 machine, with Visual Studio 2012 installed.  So both have all the software I could possibly imagine on there.

How does TeamCity determine whether it is installed?  Can anybody propose a solution to my problem?

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Could you please post teamcity-agent.log file from this build agent.

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I didn't realize there were logs in \buildAgent\logs.  I kept looking in \logs for issues.  Once I did, I found a number of "Access Denied" errors in upgrade.log.  I made the account that TeamCity runs under a local admin and everything started to work after the services were restarted.  Thanks.


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