Investigation - Auto resolve after X% pass rate over a period of Y runs

I'm using TeamCity 7.1.4. I've been using the "Investigate" feature for testcases and one thing that I'm missing in that feature is the ability to auto resolve the investigation once the test achieves a X% (100% in this case) pass rate over a period of Y (10 for example) builds. This way, after I fix a test which fails sporadically, I can be sure that it really is "resolved". Of course, I can use "manual" resolve option for the investigation, but given that such sporadic tests are quite a few, I think it might be a good idea to have such a feature for auto-resolve.

Is this something that can be considered as a feature request?

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Is there some other forum or mailing list where I can get some inputs from the development team on whether this is a good enough enhancement that they would consider for the "Investigation" feature?


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