Version control settings not working


I use svn and I've set Checkout directory to "Custom path" and the folder to "/root/checkout". When running the build however, nothing happens. It still checks it out to the default location. Is there a bug I don't know about?

2013-06-25 21_02_30-Test Configuration -- TeamCity.png

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Please attach build log.

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Hi again,

Thanks for the quick reply!

It seems like it solved it self. I don't know what did it but it might have been one of the things I did on the server. I ran a quite small vm image for testing purposes and I expanded the disk with 15gb to get rid of the space warning. I also re-created the build and then it all just worked.

Thanks anyway and I really love intellij, youtrack and teamcity in combination. Spent the night just playing with the features of my continous integration setup.


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