Schedule triggers not firing

We have quite an esoteric issue since upgrading to 7.1.5. Every so often (maybe every week or ten days) schedule triggers will stop firing accross the entire build system.

They won't start again until TeamCity is restarted.

Have checked through the logs but nothing related seems to be reported.

Am at a loss as to where to begin to investigate what is going wrong here - why I came to the community rather than submitting a bug report - to start with.

Can anyone help point out things that I should check?

We're running TeamCity 7.1.5 on Windows 2008 SP1 with 12Gb Memory and a 750Gb drive. There are 20 agents attached each on their own boxes.

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Hi, did you ever find out the reason for this? We are experiencing the exact same thing but I can't figure out how to debug it


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