Restore build history from another server or backup file

Dear community,

we want to migrate the build history from one TeamCity server (version 6.5.1) to another TeamCity server (version 7.1.4). Both build servers have a working project with a running build configuration, where project name and build configuration name are identical on both servers. Both servers have been set up manually with the help of the web UI. This has been done due to the fact that there are slight differences between the two servers, for example the operating system is Windows Server 2003 in one case (TC 6.5.1) and Windows Server 2008 in the other case (TC 7.1.4). On the new server, one can set the build number to some value above the last build run from the old server. Now we want to have information on build history available on the new server, we want to restore build history only (but no other configuration settings, which are working properly already on the new server). As far as we understand the usage of maintainDB tool, this would allow us to migrate the entire configuration settings (including build history), but not to migrate the build history alone. How can one migrate or copy the build history from one server to another without applying any other change to any other configuration settings?

Any hep appreciated,

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