Maven Snapshot Dependencies

I'm trying to figure out the correct solution when using Maven Snapshot Depenencies to trigger builds. Currently I'm using a Build Chain, but that presents a problem because when build A publishes its artifact to the remote repository, build B, the next in the chain, executing on a different agent, does not pick up the artifact that build A just published. It's like it's not avaialble yet. Thus it results in me having to limit our build chain to one agent so it can benefit from using a local repostiory.

And when using Maven Snapshot Dependencies to trigger builds a build is often triggered on all agents. It's like the agent is the one doing the artifact detection and thus when all three agents see the updated artifact they all spin builds.

Neither situation is desired. Suggestions?

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I realized this was really a duplicate of my earlier, unanswered thread. Please consider this closed and refer to Thanks!


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