Queued builds do not start even though compatible agent available

I'm no quite sure if I am doing something wrong, but I did have teamcity running quite nicely.
I switched to snapshot dependencies and it all seemed to work ok, but now I am having trouble getting builds to actually start.

I have a snapshot dependency chaing as follows:
1. build, 2. db migration, 3. unit test, 4. integration test
4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1

4 is set to trigger off a change in snapshot dependency so when 1 is triggered by the VCS change 4 is also triggered and hence the whole chain is triggered.

So when I change something in the VCS I end up with 1,2,3,4 all queued.
1. Runs ok, but then it just sits there not running 2 until I manually go in and run it, even though it says queued and the agent is available. The message it says is "This build is waiting for an agent where its dependency has been built"

What am I doing wrong? (I only have one agent btw)

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Hi Bruce,


this issue is over 5 years old. We'd recommend removing the mandatory "run on same agent" dependency unless it's explicitly required, especially if you only have one agent, as the original user. 1 shouldn't have its own trigger, the trigger should be only on 4. That should trigger the full chain and it should work properly.


There are three possible issues in our tracker that might be related: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/TW?q="This%20build%20is%20waiting%20for%20an%20agent%20where%20its%20dependency%20has%20been%20built"

Please check those out for possible resolutions.


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