No Code Coverage Report

For some reason, our TeamCity instance has stopped generating Code Coverage reports.  I'm not sure what is preventing them for processing, nor what has brought them back in the past.

At this point, the reports are gone again.  I've done a full server restart and clean build, but the reports are still missing.

Is there another log I can look at to gain some additional insight into what is happening?  I'm attaching an anonymized version of my build log.

The line of particular note in my build log is:

[16:41:58]Failed to generate coverage report, error: Error loading source names map from file '/opt/TeamCity-8/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp/idea2811635405747648018coverage/coverage.ism'

I have verified that the above file exists and the user running TeamCity has the appropriate permissions.

We are using TeamCity 8.0 (build 27402).

This is a Java 1.7.0_21 project using Apache Maven 3.0.5.

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I opened an issue in the TeamCity YouTrack:

It appears that this is a defect in the version of TeamCity I'm using.


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