TC + Stash - Merges trigger two builds...

We've got our TeamCity set up to pull source from Git/Stash. Our build is only supposed to watch the Master branch and build when Pull requests are approved.
In our Version Control Settings, we have the following:
Default Branch:Master
Branch Spec: +:refs/heads/master

Everything else is defaults.
VCS Trigger settings:
Trigger on each build checkin: Checked
Include several check-ins in a build if they are from the same committer: Checked
Quiet period: 300 seconds
No trigger rules.

What we're seeing is that when code is merged back into the master, we actually get two builds triggered - one from the code being merged (maybe the pull request creation?) and another one for the pull request approval itself (which has no new code).

For instance, we'll get one build from this (the Pull request creation?):

2 files
XYZ-1234 Modified script module to avoid intermittent failure

And then we'll get a build for:

0 files
Merge pull request #110 in FOO/bar from ~RDEV/bar-dev:XYZ-1234 to master

I'm guessing this has something to do with our Branch Spec, but I couldn't find any real docs on what the prefixes meant/options were, only the meaning of the branch name itself.

Any ideas what's going on?

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