Rest API questions

Hey Guys
i am searching for a way to create a vcs-root with the rest api

can anyone help me with that?
i could despair


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You didn't mention which version you are running, but as long as you're running at least v7:

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Oh Sry
on the server is v8.0.3

to the link:
i already know this page but i don't understand,
what i have to send to the server that he create a vcs-root or a buildType
for example i tried to create a empty Build Type with this:

<createEmptyBuildType name='NewProjectTest'/>

but he delete all buildTypes in this projekt

My exactly question is what i have to write after this "<" and what are the parameters


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sorry I don't mean the vcs-root but the checkout rules

so I want to edit the vcs-root and add or delete checkout-rules

that's it ;-)


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