Stackoverflow in Nunit

We have problem after upgrade teamcity (8.0.2). Our tests fails. Our logs:

[16:37:13][Step 6/7] Start TeamCity NUnit Test Runner
[16:37:13][Step 6/7] Running NUnit-2.6.2 tests under .NET Framework v4.0 x64
[16:37:13][Step 6/7] TeamCity Test Reordering. Phase 1: Running selected tests.
[16:37:14][Step 6/7] XXXXX.Tests.dll
[16:37:15][Step 6/7] TeamCity Test Reordering. Phase 2: Running the rest of the tests.
[16:37:16][Step 6/7] XXXX.Tests.dll (16m:26s)
[16:37:45][Step 6/7]
[16:37:45][Step 6/7] Process is terminated due to StackOverflowException.


[16:53:42][Step 6/7] Process exited with code -1073741571
[16:53:42][Step 6/7] Step NUnit failed

(Nunit-console works fine).

If i run D:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.TeamCity.Runner.exe v4.0 MSIL NUnit-2.6.2 XXXX.Tests.dll i have also stackoverflowexception.

What can i do?

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