TFS Services and checking out the root instead of a specific project


I've got Team City hooked up properly with TFS Services and it works like a charm.
However, I've got one problem regards to checking out the root - Team City doesn't allow me to connec to and just point to the project root $.
Instead it wants me to point to $/SomeProject

Now, I've got several products lined up in various different TFS projects in my account, for the simple fact that I'm also using the Scrum board features to steer my backlog.

My problem is that for my build server, I really want it to check out the entire tree under /DefaultCollection and download all the artifacts from all the projects into the working directory, since many of the rely on eachother.

Is there any way to do this?

Otherwsise it looks as if I'll have to move all of my code inside one of the projects instead, but then my backlog fails because I can't have 10+ different backlogs in the same project, it just doesn't cut it.

Any input would be awesome :-)


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As a clarification, the "root" I'm talking about is the property on this page: which states $<project name><project catalogue>.

My requirement is to only specify $<project name>, but all the projects. Is it possible or do I need to collect all my code under one single TFS project?


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