TeamCity 8.0.3 on Windows 2008 server

Hi Team
I tried to install TeamCity 8.0.3 build(27540) on Win2k8 machine. After installation, the login page opens on a browser (as per TeamCity on Win2k8.jpg)
Usually on installation, it must open "TeamCity First Start" page ( as per TeamCity on Win7.jpg) and prompt for setting username and password, but in this case it directly loads the login page.

Can you please suggest if i am missing any pre-requisite here?


TeamCity on Win7.jpg
TeamCity on Win2k8.jpg
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Hello Mohana,

Was it a clean install of TeamCity or did you have another TeamCity version installed prior to this one? If so, TC could pick allready existing configuration from prior installation. In such case I suggest to install TC server in a different location and different data directory.... If this is the first TC instance, please provide me info from teamcity-server.log




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