.NET Code Inspections fail to work (thousands of bogus Module 'D' should be referenced errors)

We recently upgraded to TeamCity 8.0.3 from 7.1.x.  We have a nightly build that does .NET code inspections on our code.  After the upgrade, the inspections now report over 5000 erroneous compiler errors.  All of these come from the razor cshtml files with the message "Module 'D' should be referenced".  I have no idea what Module "D" is supposed to be.We use Resharper 7.1.3 in Visual Studio 2012 and no errors are reported in Visual Studio.  The project builds fine and runs correctly without any issues.  These "errors" only started after the TeamCity upgrade.Clicking on the link in TeamCity simply takes you to a line in the cshtml files for which there is no error.I am attaching the build log as well as the dotnet-tools-inspectcode.log and the inspectcode-report.xml files.Reviewing the TeamCity build log, there are now numerous errors reported and logged during the inspections step saying there was an error while decompiling the method MoveNext.  For example:Internal exception thrown: An error occured while decompiling the method MoveNext (type: DSP.Website.SelectLists.StateSelectListOptionProvider+<GetStateSelectListItemsForColleges>d__2, assembly: DSP.Website, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null). Attempt to remove a block that has an alive predecessor.

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FYI, this has been submitted as a bug as TW-32346

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