Disabled Plugins seems not to work


I have a Java project which uses EclipseLink. When I enable the Hibernate plugin in IntelliJ I have (a lot of) wrong inspection problems. So I just disabled the Hibernate plugin and everthing's fine.

I also run the same inspections in TeamCity which also reports the wrong inspection problems due to the Hibernate plugin. So I added com.intellij.hibernate in the "Disabled Plugins" textarea of the build step but the problem still occurs.

The following inspections are reported and wrong:

  • Unused declaration: This occurs on protected and empty constructor that are necessary for EclipseLink (JPA).
  • Query language checks (Errors): This occurs in queries because it doesn't recognize the correct entities.

Is use TeamCity 8.0.3 and IntelliJ IDEA 12 (129.713).

How can I be sure that the Hibernate plugin is disabled in TeamCity? I tried to search for it in the build log but I found nothing...

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Alain

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Does somebody already successfully used this feature?


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