Windows buildAgent: Failed to delete directory

Hi to all.

I'm newbie with TeamCity so - sorry for so naive question but...

After yesterday build - buildAgent cann't start new one with "clean install" goal. It's fails with:

Failed to  delete directory: C:\BuildAgent\work\63cd1019e81d1372\target. Reason:  Unable to delete file  C:\BuildAgent\work\63cd1019e81d1372\target\site\checkstyle.html

I tried to remove file and whole directory by hands - agent create it again and... Stops with same error. I checked permissions of folder target - it have "Read only" attribute. I unchecked it - but after run build I got again "Read only".

Using MS Windows 7 x64 and TeamCity 8.

Googling doesn't give me any helpful info.

Thanks for ant tips.

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Problem seems to be solved by running "install" without "clean" :-|
After that second attempt with "clean install" - successfull.


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