Wild card entries in VCS of TeamCity

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I need some help with VCS Configratuion feature in TeamCity. We are using the 7.1 version of TeamCity along with few additional plugin to serve our project requirement.

I would like to know whether we can have wild card entries in the VCS? Is it possible to download all the projects within a single TFS collection, without making multiple entries in VCS of teamcity?

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Let me provide you withan example:

TestCollection(TFS Collection)

     ProjectA(TFS Project)


     ProjectB(TFS Project)


     ProjectC(TFS Project)


Say the TFS URL - http://mymachine:8080/tfs/TestCollection

Is there a way that I can download all the projects in one shot with same folder structure? Presently, when we entry the VCS details for above, the build agent just downloads the "Folder" of the projects not the root. Is there a way we can have the same folder structure in the  build machine as well.

Let me know if you guys need any more information on the same.




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