teamcity REST API to get git commit messages

Hi guys,

here is our setup:
we have a teamcity server which has connection to our VCS and it distributes the files to the buildAgents so they can run the build scripts. They don't have access to the VCS.
We're distributing our builds to our QA via testflight, which can take some build info and show it next to the build, so QA knows what to test.
We can get the changes as shown in the documentation ( http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/changes?buildType=id:bt133&sinceChange=id:24234 ), but the problem is that it returns a list of html URLS ( http://teamcity:8111/viewModification.html?modId=24294&personal=false ) , which are unsafe to parse (what if JetBrain changes the format of that html page on their next version?).

Is there any way to force that REST call to return some json/xml representation of those changes? I would be really surprised if this feature is missing, as I don't think this is a very unique request for an automated build system.

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nevermind, found it (stupid me, should read the REST properly)... :)


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