Understanding "changes" when using snapshot dependencies


I recently changed our build chains on TC 7.1.5 (we use Git) and im having a hard time understanding the "Changes" field in the project overview.

When we trigger our entire chain via the "Release trigger and notification" configuration, we can see the latest changes in the "Changes" field of the last successfull build.
(see picture "With Release Chain"). For example John Doe (3), which makes perfect sense.

However when we run a subset of the chain called "Services", then the changes field is empty "no changes" ( see picture Without Release Chain). If I inspect the build which it dependend on and which is the first build in the chain, then it says John Doe (3), as i expect. But the "Services" changes still says "no changes"

How come?

Our "Release trigger and notification" build chain can be seen in picture "Release Chain" and the subset of the chain which we run can be seen in "Services Chain".

Everything works as expected if i inspect the git rev numbers in the configurations etc.

Release Chain.png
Without Release Chain.png
With Release Chain.png
Services Chain.png

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