What is the default admin account?

The first time I installed TeamCity I thought it was a breeze.

Before long I had Release and Debug builds being executed and was extremely happy.
It's connection to subversion with a treee browser was the balls.

Cut to a whole month later and I had forgot the login password.
I followed a couple variations of the reset the password with the complicated java commandline this never worked.

Finally I decided I should start from scratch and uninstalled TeamCity and it's Build Agent components.
I downloaded the latest TeamCity 8.0.4 and installed that...no Sseparate Build Agent install.

Apparently my build configurations were saved...so I CREATED an account but it could never edit the build configurations.

So I uninstalled again this time blowing away the TeamCity directory by force.
I reinstalled and it comes up with the Log In page....But I am ...log in with WHAT?

I didn't setup an account.
It didn't tell me a startup account.

Arrrrgh....I need a working build to work on the installer.

Pretty soon I am going to abandon this for CC.NET because it is at least a controlled pain in the ass.

Thanks for listening and if anyone helps ... thanks for helping.

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Ahhh... I am a dipshit.

I did search the forum for install and log in and other things.

But as soon as I posted this the forum said.. this might be similar and it was

and it pointed to this...

Once I cleaned out those magic directories.
The Web UI walked me through creating an account which I then recorded the information for.

have a great day people.
I am sure I will be bacck with a real problem.


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