Finding the source of TeamCity config/startup errors

I have already successfully installed TeamCity on a local Ubuntu 13.10 Server VM and verified that it accomplishes everything we were hoping for. So I thought: "Great! I'll throw it on a cloud VM to show the team."

Using a clean Ubuntu Server 13.10 VM from Digital Ocean, I followed the same steps as I did on my local VM: Install JRE, download tar, extract, runAll. I verified that both the agent and the server are running on their default ports. When navigating to localhost:8111, it shows the configuration options as normal until this step: "Initializing TeamCity server components". At this point, I can see that the TeamCity server process seems to crash. I checked the log files in the TeamCity log directory, but none of them provided an error.

Question being: Where can I look next for the source of the error? Has anyone run into this before?

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