Can run on no agent error

I have installed Team City on a server (will call it ServerA)  and installed a second agent on another server (ServerB).
Both agent are in the default pool. In TeamCity, I can run a build from one or the other agent, both work properly.

As I was seeing a strange behavior that all builds were executed only by the first agent (the agent on Server A), i have decided to stop the agent on ServerA.

I now see a very strange behavior. In my Build Queue, the new builds triggered by Visual SourceSafe (this is my source manager, I put a trigger on each checkin) are displayed as "Can run on no agent".
Ths is strange as I do have one agent available. If I go the "Projects" and click on "run" the build is added to the queue and are processed by the agent.

Does anyone experience this issue ?
Not sure where to start to solve this problem. Thanks for the help

PS : I recently upgraded to 8.0.4 but not sure this is related to this issue

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