Problems with Zipped artifacts in bulid chains - java.io.IOException while unpacking archive ... Truncated ZIP file

Similar to this thread:

The scrubbed error is:
[Resolving artifact dependencies] Failed  to resolve artifact dependency <... build #1000_24039 [id 4101]>:  java.io.IOException while unpacking archive Tests.Integration.zip:  Truncated ZIP file  (jetbrains.buildServer.artifacts.ResolvingFailedException)

I have a step that builds, runs the unit tests, and then bundles the artifacts for usage by the next step in the chain.

I'm using TeamCity Enterprise 8.0.4 (build 27616) and see this happen sporadically where it fails to unzip the archive. I've seen it happen on the one listed above, as well as another large zip containing the database scripts.

I do not think the artifacts are actually corrupted because I can download and extract them, and in fact have steps later on that use them outside of this step. Rerunning the same step usually is able to resolve the artifacts successfuly, so I think it's something where the BuildAgent's aren't getting the full file from the Server?

It seems to have problems with the larger zips. The zip in question is on this error 200Mb, so I am not able to attach it.

I have the zips and log (unscrubbed) though.

I don't really want to introduce another step to unzip the files manually, but if need be I guess I will. But I'm more curious of whether you've been able to reproduce this and is it a known bug?


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