Stop failure email being sent for Remote Runs?


I'm experimenting with Remote Runs using the Visual Studio plugin. It works very nicely except that I can't find any way to prevent our standard 'build failure' emails being sent if the Remote Run build fails. I'm surprised that these emails are being sent at all because I thought that a Remote Run would automatically be run in isolation. Does anyone know if these failure emails can be prevented if a Remote Run build fails, or am I doing something wrong?



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Hi Rob,

The notifications sent depend ont he notificaiton rules configured for the user receiving those.

Generally, you can receive build fialure notifications for _your_ remote runs beacuse you have "Builds with my changes" notification rule configured.

If you need us to look into the issue, please attach a screenshot of all the notification rules of the user receiving the email, email details and how the related build looks in UI.


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