Teamcity build status icon on github: No permission to get data

I try to represent Teamcity build status of project on its Github README.md page. For this purpose I use TeamCity rest API that exposes status icon at URL


For now I have two Github projects and three TeamCity builds for them (separate builds for two branches).

For all three builds URL built by scheme mentioned above gives  me expected image. But Github website replaces original image paths from  my TeamCity by own paths from github-camo.global.ssl.fastly.net host. And for two from three builds instead of image I expect to see  (success or fail) I get image stating 'No permission to get data'. (It  doesn't depend on way I insert image into file: with markdown syntax or  inline HTML)

Both Github projects are private. TeamCity site requires login in general but status icons don't.

I've checked also that this situation doesn't depend on TeamCity service hook usage.

I'll be glad to hear any idea on subject.


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