can I get the status of a dependent build?

I would like to get the status of a dependant build, the build chain starts with a common trigger point which causes a windows and a linux build to start. when the windows and linux builds are complete a common build config is run that needs to have access to the pass fail status of the linux and windows builds I am using mute to manage the tests for both win/linux so using the return status does not work for me.


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Hi James,

> using the return status does not work for me.
Could you please detail this?

From within the build script you can use REST API to get the build status based on the build id which you can reference via reference in a parameter.

There is also a related feature request.

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The test framewor does not know about muted tests. so the test framwork returns a '1' status af any tests fail but the failing test muted so I want the status as TeamCity belives it to be regardless of the test framework.

I ended up using the REST api, although it would be nice to have a parameter for each dependancy that would contain the status of that dependancy.



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