Project dependencies always pull the lowest version in TeamCity when another project in the solution references a different version of the same dependency

I am using Version 7.1.5 (build 24400) of TeamCity building a .Net solution. One of the builds we have uses a solution with many projects. Each of these projects use NuGet to manage dependencies that we build in another solution. Right now we update our references via Nuget and commit to SVN with that and TeamCity then builds. The issue we are running into is that if one project updates its dependency to a newer version, the built artifacts always come with the lowest version. This obviously causes a problem when we go to test.

My questions:
Why is this happening? I would expect the default behavior to be that the highest version would be used (this is how VS2012 acts).
Is there a way to address this without updating all the references in all the projects for that build so that we get the highest version of the dependency?


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Hi Sean,

If I understood your issue correctly, upgrade to the latest TeamCIty might help: TW-24154
If upgrade does not fix it, please describe the case with more TeamCity-speciric detials.

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Actually here is exactly what is happening. As you can see in VS I reference a dll in one project and the same one in another. But different versions. When I build the output is the lower version. Is this the bug? The dependency is only in the projects themselves not through teamcity.

TeamCity Issue.jpg


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> The dependency is only in the projects themselves not through teamcity.

Not sure what part of this is TeamCity-specific. Could you please clarify, if any?


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