How to detect personal build

I am using Team City version 8.0 and the Visual Studio addin.

One of my build steps uploads build artifacts to a NuGet repository. Is there a way to detect if a build is a personal build? (I don't want to upload artifacts from personal builds). So far I have managed to set up a build that takes an 'isPersonalBuild' parameter that will control the upload to Nuget but I have to set this each time in the 'customize build...' button on the personal build dialog (easy to forget). Ideal solution would be a parameter that is set automatiacally by the VS Addin but if not is there a way to make customized build options sitcky between builds (like a file I can edit) or any other ways to solve this problem.

Many thanks


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I've just discovered this that says there should be a parameter called that is set to true for personal builds but I can't get this to work (does not seem to be defined for any build)

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Hi Julian

That system property can be referenced and evaluated within build scripts only.
TeamCity UI doesn't allow confitional selection of build steps.

The only solution I can suggest is to split compilation and deployment to separate build configurations.


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