Weird check-in comments when creating tags

We are currently using TeamCity 7.0 (build 21241) to manage our builds. I have never used it before, but I'm really happy with it, with the exception that the check-in comments from TeamCity when creating tags in SVN are really strange.

The labeling message for the VCS root is currently set to Tag automatically created for build

The build number format for the project is currently set to 0.0.{0}.%build.vcs.number%

When TeamCity creates the tags, the check-in comment is occasionally Tag automatically created for build 0.0.154.???, but is usually Tag automatically created for build 1.

Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding how check-in comments are supposed to behave? I've looked through the documentation and wasn't able to find out what (if anything) I'm doing wrong. I should note that I've been using in a bunch of other places and it works swimmingly.

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I have similar problem.
TeamCity Professional 8.0.4 (build 27616) on Mac Mini

Labeling Message in build configuration is "Labeled automatically by TeamCity (build 4.2.0.%build.counter%)".
When I open Build Parameters tab I see: "vcsroot.labelingMessage = Labeled automatically by TeamCity (build"
When I open labeling comment in SVN I see: "Labeled automatically by TeamCity (build"
It looks like %build.counter% always '1' when using Labeling Message. I tried use other build parameters and env.values. But the result was always same.
Labeling is working fine exept this moment. But in our company we have to using tool that working with SVN comments and SVN comments have to be with correct build number.
Is there some workaround or only extra labeling step can help me?


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We are seeing the same thing - it seems a really bizarre bug/flaw in TeamCity.

The branch name it creates is correct. The internal parameters of the build are all correct. there are even build parameters derived from the alleged label message which all have the values we would like to see - e.g.

vcsroot.MyProjectName.labelingMessage = TeamCity Release Build 1.4.2823.0

vcsroot.labelingMessage = TeamCity Release Build 1.4.2823.0

But the actual label message created in the Subversion repository ends up being this:

TeamCity Release Build 1.4.???.0

It seems you cannot include any revision based numbering into the actual label message itself - which is a really annoying limitation?

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What parameter do you use? Please attach screenshot of the VCS labeling feature settings.


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