TeamCity build folder

I feel like finding this answer should be simple, but I'm stuck.

My T/C agent is building my projects under the folder:  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\2f49c2fd4bb4eb83

1) How can I change the name "2f49c2fd4bb4eb83" to something more appropriate?

2) I've got 3 types of builds under my main T/C category.  All 3 are being built in the SAME folder location ("2f49c2fd4bb4eb83").  What do I need to do to give each its own build folder, so they stop overwriting each other?

3) How do I create a new agent?

Again, I'm assuming J/B has webpages on this, but I can't seem to find them.  If you can point me to them, I'd appreciate it.

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Hi Eric

You can specify a custom checkout directory in VCS settings, but we strongly recommend do not do this until your build scripts have absolute file paths hard-coded, and cannot be executed in any other directory. In all other cases dynamic source alocation is faster, more reliable, and requires less disk space.

Hashcode is calculated based on VCS address. If all your projects share the same checkout directory, that means they are built from absolutely the same set of sources. Why do you need separate copies then?
For build cleanup issues we have a better solution: Build Files Cleaner.

For the last question please look at Setting up and Running Additional Build Agents article.

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I've broken things down into 4 categories:

1) Quick build (in debug mode) and run unit tests.  This occurs after each check-in.  Idea here is quick feedback.  (Usually done in about 3-4 minutes)

2) Analysis -- Here I include all our analysis tools.  This in turn, takes much longer to execute, plus isn't really needed every time anyway.  I'd still like this to occur, if only on demand.

3) Deployment/Beta -- This does testing, testing, and more testing, and finally deploys to our beta site.  This one really does take a while, and I'm happy to let this happen once over night.

4) Deployment/Production -- Exact same script as Deployment/Beta, only the deployment target location changes.  Executed manually.

Each of these applies to the same VCS address/current solution instance.

It's just that if 2 or more are executed simultaneously, they overwrite each other, since they are targeting the same build folder.

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Each build agent processes a single build at a time, so that's technically impossible to have conflicts hereL: builds are either built on different agents and do not share checkout directory, or wait in a build queue until a previous build has been finished.

Also usually such kind of build configuration are created with links to each other using atrifact and snapshot dependenccies.
Take a look at Build Dependencies Setup article for details.

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I should've said, when two kick in sequentially, and I'm examing the first runs results and such, what I'm looking at gets overwritten by the second run.  But I'll research links to each other idea.


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