Overriding build steps

Hi guys,

I'm curious about a possibility to override a build step inherited in a build configuration from a template. We are extensively using TeamCity with hundreds of build configurations and we've got the following "problem":

     - 2 Command Line build steps defined, 2nd step runs only in if the previous step finished successfully

Our build configurations are based on the Template. But in a few of them we would like to somehow say that the 2nd step should instead run even if the first step fails and have them still be based on the Template at the same time.
I guess we've got a few options here:
- detach them from the template
     - bad because we have to track the detached build configurations when there is a global change on the Template and update them manually one by one
- create a template copy where this 2nd build step is configured as we want
     - kind of a overkill to manage 2 almost identical templates for what it should bring us
- create a copy of the 2nd build step and disable the inherited one
     - sounds like the best option until we update the 2nd step on the Template of course

Do you guys have in your minds any other options? Maybe to let the execute 2nd step even if the previous one failed and make the decision later on in the Custom script section based on a property? I'm also wondering if Meta-Runners could help us somehow?

Also a multiple template inheritence would sound interesting. Do you plan anything like this? :)

Thanks a lot for your opinions,


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