Including folders in Visual Studio build

Hi all,

I am using Team City 8.0.4 for pretty much the first time. Im using (trying to) to deploy an umbraco project. Within TeamCity I am using the MSBuild build runner which is compiling my .csproj file. Its mostly working however I have a couple of issues. Ive searched high and low online but can't find any resources related to my issue, which makes me think I am going about it the wrong way.

  1. Within my Visual Studio project I have excluded a folder from the Project. Ive done this because the files within the folder do not need to be compiled, however the folder does need to be deployed and IS stored in SVN, which is currently not happening. I have tried a Post Build Event (xcopy) and an xcopy command in the BeforeBuild target. The Build Log showed that 25 files were copied to the TeamCity work folder, but those files were not deployed (I am using MSDeploy). This would suggest to me that the files arent being added to the package.
  2. I have some Assemblies that need to be copied to a sub folder in the "bin" folder. These assemblies are not added as project references and therefore the build process does not copy thrm into thr bin folder. The reason they need to be in a sub folder is because of assembly redirections that are required. So yet again, I need to copy some files, this time into the bin folder.

As I mentioned, I couldn't find any online posts about similar topics which makes me wonder whether Im doing it wrong!!!!  Could anyone provide some pointers please?

Thanks in advance

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