Simple question regarding interrupted TC upgrade to 8.0.5

Hi everyone, first post for me.

I have just upgraded TC from 8.0.4 to 8.0.5 on Windows platform. This was the first upgrade since I moved the database from MySQL to MSSQL; after running the Windows installer, it got right to the end and proceeded to restart the services and open the UI. At this point I got a SQL error saying, "This driver is not configured for integrated security".
I resolved this issue by copying the 32bit JRE from the MS download, as per the database migration steps - no issue there, and I then restarted the services. By the time I moved back to the webpage, TC was back on its feet, without any further interaction - I had expected to see a process where I needed to upgrade the database to the latest version, but I don't know if that occurred automatically?

How can I tell if the db upgrade occurred? The logs look fine, but there is no mention of an expected 'upgrading database from version x to version y' - I still see refs to db version 628, the same as on version 8.0.5?

Many thanks for any help!

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For convenience upgrades from one bugfix build to another usually do not involve data conversion. So in your case no conversion was performed, and if you want you can easily downgrade to 8.0.4 withou necessity to restore data from backup.


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