Is there a way to get the list of available variables in the model of email templates

Hello, I am trying to customize some email templates in TeamCity8x; there are many examples I can use, and I also found some documentation about the available variables:

<#-- @ftlvariable name="project" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SProject" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="buildType" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SBuildType" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="build" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SBuild" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="agentName" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="buildServer" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SBuildServer" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="webLinks" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.WebLinks" -->

<#-- @ftlvariable name="var.buildFailedTestsErrors" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="var.buildShortStatusDescription" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="var.buildChanges" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="var.buildCompilationErrors" type="java.lang.String" -->

<#-- @ftlvariable name="link.editNotificationsLink" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="link.buildResultsLink" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="link.buildChangesLink" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="responsibility" type="jetbrains.buildServer.responsibility.ResponsibilityEntry" -->
<#-- @ftlvariable name="oldResponsibility" type="jetbrains.buildServer.responsibility.ResponsibilityEntry" -->

I am interested in the "" variables; from looking at the examples, I know there are many more than just those few listed in the documentation.

Is there a place for me to see the entire list of variables available to FreeMarker?

If there isn't such a place, is there a variable for getting the formatted build time (I found var.buildDurationEstimate and var.buildDurationOvertime, so maybe it's as simple as var.buildDuration; but I would much rather pick from a list than trying to guess).

Thank you!

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