Can TC allow RVM to set the jruby interpreter from the Gemfile?

Bundler's Gemfile can specify a Ruby/JRuby interpreter. RVM has the ability to parse that Gemfile and automatically use the Gemfile specified interpreter as RVM's current interpreter (assuming the interpreter is already installed). It appears that TC's RVM handling overrides this by requiring the interpreter to be specified (either in the build step or in the Ruby Environment Configurator).

Is it possible for TC to step out of the way and let RVM set the jruby interpreter based on the Bundler Gemfile?

The scenario that has prompted this is that we have a branch on one version of JRuby and another branch on a newer version of JRuby (so that we can try it out). Can we have a single Run Configuration that would run on both of these branches but be able to pick the correct JRuby? Since this doesn't strike me as an unusual scenario, I'm curious how people are solving this problem.

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