TeamCity copy project disabled

I've created a project with multiple subprojects. Now I'am trying to copy one of the subprojects, but somehow the copy button does not appear (right screenshot) while it does for some other subprojects (left screenshot). Is it because there are build configuration with build configuration templates linked to it ?

TeamCity - With copy.pngTeamCity - Without copy.png

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We are having the same problem.

For some build configurations the copy button appears, for some it doesn't. I can't find a pattern at the moment.

Very frustrating since configurations I've copied before (and projects I've copied before) are not copyable any more.

Any ideas?

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We've just found our issue with this.

We have been using the free licence and, as it turns out, had the full complement of build configurations. We only noticed this when trying to create a new one today.

Having deleted a couple of test confiugratuions we no longer need, the Copy button has reappeared.

It seems the button is only shown if there's room within the configuration allowance to create all of the configurations in the project.

For example, we now have 18/20 configurations. The copy button appears next to indvidual configurations. The copy button appears next to a project with less than 3 configurations below it. It doesn't appear for larger projects.


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