Running two configurations on one agent simultaneously

I want to run two configurations simultaneously on same agent (e.g. running same tests with two different config files), how can i achive this?


One agent can run one build at a time. But you can install more than one agent on the same or different machines:


Pavel thanks for your answer,

I have following setup, my build agents are very powerful, 24 cores, 64GB ram, I want to use all the multithread power that's provided to me.

How can i achive this?

Dejan Dakić


As I already said - you can install several agents on the same machine, see link I provided to you in previous post.
If you don't want to install several agents, you can modify your build script to run some tasks in parallel.


Hi Dejan,

I hit the problem just like you:

Unfortunately, TeamCity makes it way harder (and expensive in terms of licenses) than it should be. Jenkins allows for instance several executors per host.

I have created a feature request, feel free to show your support by voting or commenting:



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