Build config now shows "Active Branches" but haven't updated TC (and still using SVN)

I haven't upgraded Team City in a couple months; I'm running version 8.0.4. I have been running it against SVN the entire time.

Recently, I have seen two projects that now have an "Active Branches" dropdown. From the TC 8.0 Feature Branch documentation, I thought this was only supported under DCVS repositories like Git & Mercurial, and specifically NOT supported using Subversion.

I have made two changes that might have impacted this, but I'm not sure...

About a month ago, drastically reduced the branches and got rid of nesting.

    1. We had
      1. trunk,
      2. branches/1x/1000 Series/
        1. 1010/
        2. 1020/
        3. ...
    2. We now have:
      1. trunk
      2. branches/beta
      3. branches/legacy
      4. tags

In the build config in question (it is part of a chain), I changed the checkout rules.

  • There are two different Subversion repositories referenced; the main source, and the helpers.
  • I changed the helpers checkouts, dropping the leading /,
    • from:
      • /buildTools/SpecificToolsA
      • /buildTools/SpecifictToolsB
    • to
      • buildTools/SpecificToolsA
      • buildTools/SpecificToolsB

You'll see in the screenshot that this may be what triggered it, because there are the branches "default" and "+:buildTools/... -:buildTools/..." which makes me think it was making patch changes to the repos?

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. What triggered this? Was it the second set of changes I made?
2. Is there any way reliably to use the Active Branches / Feature Branches under Subversion? I'm guessing not...

More environment info:
TeamCity Enterprise 8.0.4 (build 27616)
Server & Build Agents: Windows Server 2012
SVN Repositories Version: 1.8

2014-01-03 11_50_18-c# Stack __ product beta __ 3.png


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